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Victor Ivrii:
Demonstrate that the initial value problem
y^3y' +t=0,\qquad y(0)=0
does not have a solution on any interval $(\alpha,\beta)$, where $\alpha<0<\beta$, and explain why this fact does not contradict the existence and uniqueness theorem for first order initial value problems (Theorem 2.4.2 in the textbook).

Alexander Lozano:
Here's my solution

Xiaozeng Yu:

Xiaozeng Yu:

--- Quote from: Xiaozeng Yu on October 09, 2013, 10:40:30 PM ---6 Y just not equal to 0, not y>0, typo

--- End quote ---

Victor Ivrii:
Alexandro, your handwriting is atrocious.

Xiaozeng Yu, you post solutions, not ask questions how it will be graded (we leave it to TAs).


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