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Night Sections Problem 2


Victor Ivrii:
4.3 p 239, # 4

Find a particular solution and then the general solution of the following ODE
y'''-y'= 2 \sin t .

Victor Lam:
General solution is the summation of the homogeneous and particular solutions. See attachment.

Rudolf-Harri Oberg:
We start by solving $r^3-r=0$ which gives that $r_1=0, r_2=1, r_3=-1$.
Variation of parameters is not a good method to guess a particular solution here. You can try guessing that the particular solution is $Y_p=A\sin(t)+B\cos(t)$ or just look at the equation and deduce that $Y_p=\cos(t)$

So, general solution to the equation is

Victor Ivrii:
Observing that the r.h.e. is an odd function and equation contains only odd derivatives we look for even solution: $y_p= A\cos(t)$ which makes easy problem even easier.


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