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What has been covered so far?


Devin Jeanpierre:
Due to a terrible illness -- stupidity -- I inverted my sleep schedule and missed two weeks of classes. I am catching up with MAT244 now, but am not sure where to stop in the textbook and homework assignments (somewhere in chapter 3, I gather from reading the boards).

I can't tell which homework assignments come from which week. They are listed according to chapter and section, rather than by week. Can anyone help me here?

For reference, assignment page:

Victor Ivrii:
Different sections may go with a slightly different pace and while for night sections Quizzes are the same, it is not true for a day section.

So far Sid Smith night section covered in the last Wednesday 3.1 and 3.2 (distinct real roots) and also methods of reducing the order of equation in the cases

(a) $y''=F(x,y')$;

(b) $y''=F(y,y')$.

PS You can attend any section (which more suits your sleep pattern) but it better to be consistent.

Devin Jeanpierre:
Ack, I'm sorry, I made you go and look up which section I'm in. Thank you for that effort, and for your helpful reply. I will be continuing to attend the night section, since I need to be up at 6PM for two other classes anyway.

I take it the material about reducing the order of second-order ODEs is in the textbook somewhere (e.g. 3.4?)  If not I'll try and poke some of the other students after this week's lecture.


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