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Pagna Sok:
is chapter 4 gonna be in the test at all?

Victor Ivrii:

--- Quote from: Pagna Sok on February 07, 2013, 12:05:03 PM ---is chapter 4 gonna be in the test at all?

--- End quote ---

Don't start new thread if there is existing one with the same topic. Read before posting--your question has been answered. As there are three sections: we include only material which is covered by each section as of today.

Jane Dong:
Which sections of chapter 4 will be covered on test 1 exactly? All lecture sections are at different pace. I was wondering which sections should we consider. Thank you!

Victor Ivrii:
4.1, 4.2. Remember that Chapter 4 contains no really new material: everything is like in Chapter 3, just equations are of the higher order and complex roots can be also multiple.


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